Welcome to My Raspberry Pi Website

You have connected to my little Raspberry Pi Website.

This website is actually running on a 256mb Raspberry Pi ,  Edimax WiFi Dongle, 8Gb Sd Card ,PiBow case .

Running Raspbian wheezy as the operating system.

Apache as webserver

MySql as database

Php for webpages

Cups For Printing

 The Comments below are "tests" from Raspberry Jams I Have Attended / Talked 

My Master Plan is to intergrate all my projects

This means I should be able to remolty turn things on and off from a webpage and if at home my Raspberry Pi will "Tell" me information I request,,More Details later 

Preston #rjam

 David was at Preston Raspberry Jam #rjam


Jacob and Liam were at Preston Raspberry Jam ;-)

Welcome to York Raspberry Jam #RJam

Raspberry Jam

 Jacob was here

Ben Was Here and will be here forever