L.A.M.P. On A Raspberry Pi

Install L.A.M.P.

The Apache webserver is available to download from the Debian repositories. This can be done through the apt tools.

First have you refreshed the software repositories?

All actions in inverted commas are run in terminal...... e.g. "sudo date"


If not run "sudo apt-get update" to make sure that it knows about any new packages / versions available.Then "sudo apt-get upgrade" just to make sure everthing is up to date.(this may take some time if it is a fresh card you have imaged)

Install apache webserver

Apache is installed by entering the following
"sudo apt-get install apache2"

Answer y to continue installing

Install mysql

The mysql database server is also available through the Debian repositories and installed as

"sudo apt-get install mysql-server"

Enter y at the do you want to continue prompt

During the install there is a prompt request for a password.
The password is for the mysql root user.This will be repeated.

Install PHP

Perl is installed as part of the operating system so I will just be adding PHP.

The following commands will install PHP version 5 and the mysql libraries to allow PHP to access the mysql database.

"sudo apt-get install php5"

"sudo apt-get install php5-mysql"

Setup complete