Project Big L.E.D.


(Project Details a work in progress and being updated,If there is something you are not sure about ask me)


So I wanted to create a project using

1. A Raspberry Pi.

2. A Piface Expansion Board

3. A Solid State Relay

This will allow me to use the raspberry pi to switch a large electrical device

( LED like the pun ;-))


So Here is the completed Box Below



To begin with a warning


you tackle this project at your own risk ,I accept no responsibilty for damage to you , your raspberry pi or anyone else you care to inflict pain to.


 1. Drill - file the holes ..

I started with a box that I had and started cutting a few holes

 Large hole for the 13a socket

 square hole for the 13a bulgin socket round hole for the phono socket


2. Recycle a few sockets 

          I pulled the bulgin socket from a faulty pc power supply and the phono plug and socket I already had available



3. The bit you cut out for the 13a socket KEEP and cut up into strips (as below) this is needed because the box that holds the 13a socket normally fits into plaster board so you need a bit of packing for the socket to be secure

The packing strips go under the black tabs ( only the right one shown here)

I used two on each side and a bit of superglue to keep them in place


4.What makes it work

This is what make your equipment safe its a Solid State Relay ( attached to a heatsink for high power)

(greater detail later) basically as per the picture the top two pins are the electric switch

the bottom two pins are the led - make note of the polarity !

 5.Due to the size of the box and the heatsink for higher power ,I had to cut the backing box a bit to allow space but this served to help me .

The cut out allowed a isolation barrier between full ac and control dc ( the top of the box electric the bottom battery


6. Pre wired


The phono plug is wired center pin positive and positive to the S.S.R. outer of the phono is the negitive and wired to the negitive of the S.S.R.


The neutral is connected directly to the 13a socket (N)

The Earth is connected directly to the 13a socket (E) ( the box is plastic but the equipment connecting to the big L.E.D. will need earthing so do not omit)

The Live is connected directly to one of the ac connections then the other ac connection is connected to the 13a socket (L)


 7. Dc Connection

This connectes to Big L.E.D. via the phono,the other end connects to PiFace output pins 

the Red to the 5V and the black to the control pin of your choice

 8. Turn it on !

Connect eveything up,connect a bedside lamp ( as an example,In the demo I used a Scanning LASER ! no one was expecting that ..)

using python turn on pin one of piface your lamp should now Light Up

turn off pin one your light should go off


now its up to you to control your Large Electrical Devices (L.E.D.) ,Update your scripts ,use a web page, the choice is yours ..