Energenie -PiMote

I recently bought one of these Pi Mote Control with two sockets for a Raspberry Pi

Only £19.99 so a fair price point

  If you want to buy click here (external site)


Now the code you get from the site is very basic but a good start to work from (personally unless you want to start from the ground up I would avoid)


A better piece of code is from the raspberry pi site ,Mini geek girls pygame



Now these are all well and good but I wanted something a bit more.

I have managed to find a wonderful bit of code and light weight webpage that you can turn the sockets on and off ,using your phone or pc/laptop.


I started with a fresh card and raspbian - I only did this to make sure I did not have to install any extras and it should work for you without any problems.

I do this from the terminal as my Pi's run headless........

Install Dependencies (might say already up to date )

sudo apt-get install python-rpi.gpio
sudo apt-get install python-pip
sudo pip install bottle

Now we need to install the webserver / program side of it.

git clone https://github.com/nat-n/socket_control.git

cd socket_control

Now to run it :-)

you will need to run it as root because of gpio access

sudo ./app.py              just to be clear sudo "dot""slash"app"dot"py



now go to your raspberry pi's ipaddress port 8080  eg

pick a socket and turn it on - looking at the dos box you can see the interaction between the webpage and the program,to exit press Ctrl-c

 I have to credit nat-n for the code